Funeral Services

For services relating to death registration, death certificate, cremation permit and booking for cremation (to be applied by the next of kin), the office is located at

Department of Health and Urban Services

18th Floor, Wu Chung Building

213 Queens Road East, Wanchai Hong Kong.

Enquiry Telephone Nos:

2961 8841 (Death Registration)

2961 8842 (Cremation matters)


Hindu Temple Hong Kong - Temple Priest : 2572 5284

Hong Kong Funeral Home - Mr Gerald Siu : 2561 5226

Funeral Home Charges - HK$20,000 (approx)

Hiring of Bus - HK$ 1,500 (from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m)


Kowloon Mandir - Temple Priest : 2366 0080

Universal Funeral Home - Mr C. Chow : 2362 4331-9 - 94940753

Funeral Home Charges : HK$18,700 - 11,800

Hiring of Bus : HK$1,500 - 1,300


For cremation at Hindu Crematorium at Cape Collinson on Hong Kong Island, endorsement by the Hindu Association Hong Kong is compulsory.

Presently, following are the signatories who are authorized to sign the cremation permit. Any one of the following can sign the permit:

1. Mr K. Sital Tel: 2522 2852

2. Mr Tolaram Babani Tel: 2368 1317

3. Mr Kishu Khemlani Tel: 2366 1941

4. Mr Bob Kripalani Tel: 6474 2020

For pooja samgri, please contact

Kiran Provision Store,

Mirador Mansion, 2/Fl.,

Tel: 2723 6781


Maharaja Provision Store,

Chung King Mansion, 1/Fl.,

HK$3,000 has to be paid to either Hindu Temple, Happy Valley Priest or Kowloon Mandir Priest for conducting the rites.

Only the Hindu Temple, Happy Valley Priest or the Kowloon Mandir Priest is authorized to conduct the funeral rites.

Temple Address

1-B, Wong Nei Chong Road

Happy Valley

Hong Kong

Tel : 2572 5284